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Tropical Bliss Tours started due to my Airbnb guests arriving from across the globe and after checking in we would sit down and I would ask them about the tours they were doing. It was at that point that I was finding a large number of my guest had booked online and subsequently we discovered the tour they had booked was not the best one suited for them.

Once word got out amongst a few Airbnb hosts that knew what I was doing for my guests, they asked if I would help their guests with choosing they best tour for them which of course “YES, I would love to help”

So from there I today look after a large portion of the Airbnb market here in a Cairns and that is also expanding to travellers coming to Cairns that want the best information and the best tour for them.

I give my honest opinion on what I think is best suited for the individual/group as I like our visitors leaving Cairns to have had the best experience that our region has to offer.

I am also a Cairns local of over 20yrs so have the inside knowledge of some of our hidden gems that I am very happy to share. 🦋

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